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Bring Safe Non Hormonal Contraception to the UK!

by Sinead Kachroo in Camberley, England, United Kingdom

Bring Safe Non Hormonal Contraception to the UK!
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Barrier methods of contraception are non hormonal, safe and effective- I want to bring them to the UK and World!

by Sinead Kachroo in Camberley, England, United Kingdom

Artificial hormones are not a medicine- they are a drug and drugs have side effects!

A decade ago  my doctor gave me some pills. He told me they were hormones to make my periods regular- the additional benefit was the birth control. 

The irregularity of my periods didn't bother me. I suppose like every one else I took the prescription and there I was- on the pill. Doctors and nurses prescribe them to any one old enough to be sexually active. I didn't know I had another choice. It was the normal thing to do and I did it too. 

But artificial hormones are not a medicine. 

They interfere with a woman’s weight, menstrual cycle, sexual desire, cause hair loss and have longer lasting side effects such as ageing of the ovaries and sagging skin which is non reversible. They can change a woman's personality- make her unhappy, irritable and depressed.

As I took them I put on weight and began loosing hair. My hair became thinner and thinner. I was having more arguments at home and things made me irritable. Every one told me that I had changed. I complained more often and was moodier. It took a while for me to put two and two together. 

It was pure abuse of the body! Millions of women are still taking this abuse because they think its normal. They suffer silently without complaint. Worst of all- it affects our fertility!

My objective is to make natural means of contraception for women freely available to every one- right next to condoms in every shop. The pill will only truly be a choice when other options are plainly available.

Contraceptives such as the cervial cap, sponge and diaphragm are removable barrier method contraceptives that are placed in the cervix by the woman herself.  It physically stops sperm from entering the uterus. Later on, it is removed, washed and kept for next time! (the sponge is disposable!)

It only takes only seconds to insert!

These barrier methods allow women to have greater control of their sex lives without interfering with the natural rhythms of their body. They have no side effects at all!

There was a time when the diaphragm was manufactured in the UK but this stopped many years ago with the advent of drugs being more profitable to pharmaceutical companies. The cervical cap, diaphragm and sponge are manufactured in America. Another brand of sponge is manufactured in Israel and France.

Your funds will be used to bring options back to the UK to give women a real and affordable choice!


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