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Eco Friendly Home Based Childminding services

by Elizabeth’s in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 5th March 2020 we successfully raised £5,353 with 81 supporters in 34 days

Elizabeth’s aim is to provide Quality and Eco friendly child care in Plymouth,with affordable prices and benefits.Believing in a Eco way

by Elizabeth’s in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Elizabeth’s will use the additional funding for a sensory room.

• A quiet space dedicated to stimulating, developing and relaxing the senses.
• This will provide a therapeutic environment for children with autism and other educational needs.
• Sensory equipment can be used to develop a range of physical skills
• The sensory room can act as a calming space for pupils experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties
• Sensory rooms can help children learn to manage their emotions in a controlled environment, without feeling they are being isolated or punished.

Elizabeth’s is also passionate about growing fruit and vegetables in the garden and teaching children the whole process. 

• Children will have the chance to have their own little growing patch to water and be responsible for.
• This will bring new life to the garden inviting wildlife.
• A compost bin will help reduce mostly all waste no longer edible allowing it to decompose.  
• Gives children the opportunity to not only dig in dirt but to also explore the outdoors.

Elizabeth’s is hoping to employ two members of staff part time and offer apprenticeships to those with needs finding it hard to “fit in” or find work. it’s about helping everyone! I recognise how hard it can be for families out there too and I would like to help as much as possible by giving food parcels and packages.

We want to help our community especially family’s We have so much! It’s all a very much working process but we aim to be officially open this September!

Small changes individually and big changes together, we can do something about climate change! 

Hi my name is Elle and I am 28 years old

I have lots of experience With children Who are just wonderful to see grow, and share there first moments and I  have also worked in elderly care for many years. I have 3 loving children, one of them having learning disabilities etc who is just amazing! At Elizabeth’s we are aiming to be a. modern green childcare setting we would like to accept all areas of funding such as child tax free scheme, in receipt of universal credit or 15 hour free funding etc. Helping those returning back to work! :) We aim to run a successful and sustainable business and offer employment and training part time to people who are caring and enjoy working with children and their development. We will also promote healthy eating and recycling and be all round eco friendly as much as possible, especially food waste. We aim to minimise this and teach children how we can reduce food waste and enjoy healthy meals, supplying menus and recipes to families in the community. We will strive with communication and have a journal about your child’s time here at Elizabeth’s where there will be a range of activities and outdoor play in our garden and local park.
I have lots of experience and training with children and also children with needs.
With Diversity, respect and professionalism the staff at Elizabeth’s will be committed to caring for your child. We want to reduce our carbon foot print as much as possible and teach children about the environment, to have a planet they can call home, to breathe fresh clean air and see wildlife thriving once again. We will operate ECO friendly here at Elizabeth’s having a meat-free menu. Meals and snacks will be free for all children and there will be a variety of planned activities packed full of fun everyday for your child/children. We look forward to a bright and sustainable future, working with our local community as much as possible.. such as cleaning services, eco products and cakes that are vegan! replacing ordinary house hold products with bamboo products. Make a change now!

I can’t wait to complete this journey and thanks for all the crowdfunding support and love it means a lot! For those who know me.. you know that I will achieve this and have the drive to success. I believe that Making small changes individually and big changes together, our planet can be saved.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We will make this happen! So who is with me? Please pledge and share to support me! I’m ready to change are you?

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It doesn’t  cost the Earth to help us recieve your support.

Best wishes 




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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A Engraved Plaque

An engraved plaque of the top 10 supporters name to hang in Elizabeth’s hallway dedicated to the people that helped make this project happen ♥️

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Children’s Eco friendly Surprise filled gift bag

An eco friendly colourful gift bag of little activity’s for your child, all re-usable and plastic free too! Websites and info where you can purchase items will be included too! Let your child enjoy the Eco way! Ready for those summer holidays too! Full of sun activities, great for birthday gift ideas too!

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Child care 8am-5pm thats 9 hours of your choosing this summer holidays 2020! Exclusive! Meals and snacks included!

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