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From Natural Talents come Wider Career Opportunies

by Nikki Mears - Co-Founder - NTM in Redhill, England, United Kingdom

We did it
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Helping everyone regardless of age, background, circumstance or label to be discovered and employed based on their true natural talents

by Nikki Mears - Co-Founder - NTM in Redhill, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Additional funding will not only support the development of a more comprehensive service as detailed below, but it will start to build out a network that utilises our Community Interest commitment and support more Intervention Organisations who need this support even more.

We have scoped out a comprehensive development roadmap that will provide a number of enhancements to the existing platform based on feedback and our own vision for the future.

Enhancements to the user interface will make it even more intuitive to build a rich, three-dimensional profile and to submit different versions to potential employers, as well as track progress and views.

Improvements to the mentoring function will enable intervention and support organisations to provide even greater levels of guidance and direction for those requiring more assistance. 

Investment in greater server capacity will ensure we can support the many thousands of under-supported individuals across a wider range of communities, whilst ensuring a safe, robust and compliant environment that is quickly scalable. 

Enhancements to the employer interface and integrations with real-time labour market information sources and job posting will ensure NTM users will be connected with the very best and most aligned job opportunities possible. 

Above all we are committed to operating as a Community Interest Company and maintaining free access to the NTM platform for all users and support organisations, and ensuring this service delivers benefit where it is most needed.

Join us in changing the way everyone is discovered, matched, valued and employed using Natural Talents.

I have personally felt the "Experienced but not Trained" setbacks and have seen my son struggle through education due to late diagnosis of neurodiversity, putting him under the "Non-Academic" and "Challenged learner" label. My experience within large corporations, delivering L&D solutions, skills development programmes and skills framework initiatives, has taught me that most organisations will continue searching for new staff in the same way as they have been since they began. But there is a new, better way.

We are aiming to address longstanding unfairness in the recruitment process, for people who find themselves repeatedly excluded from career opportunities due to a lack of traditional academic qualifications, background or circumstances. It is aimed at those who are seeking to change how they are perceived by potential employers, are struggling to find their place in the world of work or are needing to revive themselves or their business after the economic devastation of COVID-19. 

Naturally Talented Me will help connect everyone to career opportunities, faster, fairer and with more fulfilling results.

What is it? is an innovative, free to use profiling platform, which uses artificial intelligence and an intuitive and engaging Q&A to help disadvantaged and displaced job seekers identify and promote their natural talents. By combining video, images and supporting documents, it automatically creates a three-dimensional, visual profile that highlights individuals’ full potential to employers and helps employers source and hire new talent more accurately.

Structured as a Community Interest Company, NTM is a collaboration between individuals, employers, intervention groups and other organisations with an interest in modernising the way people are profiled and assessed for employment. At least 65% of profits will be reinvested into the platform and the communities we serve, and we are also keen to support environmental projects that enable those with personal challenges to find a place in society.

NTM helps build confidence in an individual's own abilities by showcasing who they really are, what makes them tick and how they tackle daily life, presenting them as a valuable asset that employers will want to recruit.

Why is it Important & Who is it For?

Current recruitment processes focus on certifications and experience. NTM provides a new approach, one that reflects the attributes of a much more dynamic and diverse talent pool and better meets the needs of employers.

It is designed to support the disadvantaged in our society – groups such as SEND, older workers, ex-military and ex-offenders – and the intervention organisations that represent them. COVID-19, and the impact it has had on sectors such as Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Travel and Leisure, has highlighted the importance of this new way of profiling individuals’ talents across the entire job market.

There is no age limit for the support that the NTM platform can give.  From  students who are unsure about their career prospects and how they select their educational needs to those who are looking at new career opportunities who have chosen to, or are forced back into, the world of work.


Why are we so Passionate about it?

The founding team behind NTM is an experienced combination of talent acquisition and learning and development specialists. Together we have over 40 years experience in a variety of high-profile companies, including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, T-Systems, Rank Group, Prezzo and Merlin Entertainments, and have seen first-hand the issues that the historic recruitment process has on enabling careers for all.

There are many thousands of  individuals from diverse communities and backgrounds who struggle to be seen. But they are the hidden talent that will ignite and revolutionise our organisations and businesses with their different thinking, fresh perspectives and diverse ideas. They bring the real and tangible natural talents that organisations are crying out for, but to date we have missed, ignored or, worse, avoided them, due to their circumstance, situation or label. It’s time we changed the game for everybody!!


Why do we need your support?

We have invested over 4 years of research, strained thousands of brain cells, committed considerable personal investment and conducted many personal discussions and pilots with many different people and establishments and we are now ready to engage the revolution of change! 

We need your support and donations to make the difference that can change the game for so many talented individuals across all communities and categories. We want to harness the capability in those with lower academic success, older workers, ex-offenders, homeless, those with disabilities, ex-forces, returners and those with Special Educational Needs. We want to significantly support those who have been displaced by current challenges with Covid19. This platform and the support mechanisms surrounding it enable these, and all others, to stand out. 

If you share our belief then please join us in revolutionising the way we recognise, view and engage natural talent and showcase everyone as having true potential.

We will keep all of our supporters up to date on our development progress and community fundraising through our news page on, so you can track where your donations have been invested.  Please make a note in your diary to visit our page.   

All supporters who have purchased a particular package will be contacted directly by the NTM team in order to fulfill your selection and keep you updated on any platform developments that will meet your need.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Be a Supporter of the Revolution - Careers for All

You can also donate an amount above £1. Any level of donation will place your name on our supporters Hall of Fame as a thank you for your generosity, but you can also remain anonymous if you prefer. Thank you for your support :-) Help us to make a difference to thousands of individuals who want to be seen as having value in today's World of Work and give them a career to support their future.

£50 or more

Personal Profile Creation Support from NTM

You will be able to share your profile with one of our our Founders in order for them to give you guidance on how to maximise your profile and showcase your talents effectively. This service gives you 3 x email communications in order to achieve this.

£100 or more

Personal Profile Creation Support Plus Zoom

You will be able to share your profile with one of our Founders in order for them to give you guidance on how to maximise your profile and showcase your talents effectively. This service includes: 3 x email consultancy and a 1:1 Zoom call – up to 1 hour in total.

£200 or more

Jazz Up a Job Ad

A creative rewrite of one of your key roles to attract and inspire applications from diverse communities, tailored to promote the Natural Talents required to succeed and to align with the Natural Talents available in the marketplace. Includes a briefing session and up to three amendments of copy, based on employer feedback. Output provided in Word and pdf format and structured to align with all the main digital job board channels.

£250 or more

2 of 80 claimed

Become a Talent Patron

Talent Patrons will receive: Sponsorship of a talent directly relevant to your business and values; Entry into our Talent Patron Hall of Fame on the NTM website, showing your company logo, industry sector and a link to your company website, plus the Natural Talent you are sponsoring. Patrons will also receive recognition on all NTM social media channels as a # mention whenever your talent is referenced. Talent Patronage lasts for 12 months.

£350 or more

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Employer Profile Page within NTM Platform

Includes logo, text, video, link to your website and any key career or work-related information. This package will also include 1 free Hot Job Slot to promote your highest priority role.

£500 or more

Ethical and Targeted Advertising

Our advertising ethos is based around Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing for the communities we support and there will be advertising space across the platform to support our aim. In addition, there will also be intuitive advertising for those offering key job seeker support solutions for a wider diverse pool of people based on key database criteria including location and demographic

£1,000 or more

Database Candidate Search

Utilise the potential of the NTM profile database through targeted searching of Natural Talents to identify candidates that perfectly match your needs and as a tool to develop a forward focused workforce plan.

£2,500 or more

Full Employer Package

Includes the following package of services for 12 months: Talent Patron; Employer Profile; Hot Job Slot; Database Candidate Search; Advertising.

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