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Chameleon Gin: Customisable gin, your way.

by Georgina Moss in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 27th December 2019 we successfully raised £14,772 with 110 supporters in 35 days

Now launched! Head to to learn more! (Thank you for your support!)

by Georgina Moss in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Wow! The extra money would be amazing!

With this I can develop a new flavour and hire a illustrator to create a bespoke beautiful label design for both Gins to make the bottle even more gorgeous!

What is the fundraising for?

I'm crowdfunding to raise the money needed to help launch a small business making delicious infused gin. If you are super-kind (or really into Gin) and want to help, in return you will receive an awesome reward and a huge thanks from me.1574025235_box_bottle-min.jpg 

What's the story?

I unexpectedly fell in love with Gin aged 21, propping up a bar in Adelaide with friends. It was the first time I had drunk Gin and I still remember the experience to this day, not because it was a particularly wild night or because the bar itself was memorable and at the time Gin wasn't even 'cool'...

The evening was memorable because it was a dull Tuesday night, we were the only customers and the bar tenders (with nothing else to do) took the time to teach us about Gin.

We tried a selection of small batch Gins from across the world. The Gins were served straight with each Gin being complimented with its own bespoke blend of botanicals, edible flowers and fruit. The (two very lovely) ladies behind the bar would stop us trying each Gin until the flavours of the fruit/flowers/botanicals had infused into the Gin so we could enjoy each sip.

I'm striving to bring this experience to the UK, I want customisation to come to your home, to your favourite pub, to be an unexpectedly wonderful experience in a hotel bar; so you can customise your Gin on a Tuesday night too!

I'm creating a totally unique, small batch mildly flavoured Craft Gin with 'infusion pockets' so you can infuse each measurement to your taste and drink it the way you like (with or without tonic). The Gin market is crowded with mass produced Gin and I want to make it a memorable enjoyable experience for you and your friends.

How is the Gin made?

I'm working with a small farm and craft distillery in Cornwall, just miles from where I grew up to create a bespoke Gin. This Gin is completely 'plough to bottle' onsite to ensure that there is a very low impact on the environment and keeps carbon emissions low. 

I'm also working with a Devon based foraging expert (who coincidentally was with me on that fateful night in Adelaide), to source part of the first flavour, Pine, aswell as experimenting with other great British flavours.

The first flavour I will bring to market is Pine and Orange, which is a delicious combination (don't just take my word for it, pledge to buy a bottle and try it for yourself!).

With your help, I'll be producing a high quality, vegan, Gin that has limited impact on the environment, but a huge impact on your tastebuds!



Tell me about the bottle.

To ensure environmental impact low, I will be working with glass bottles, which are not only gorgeous to look at, but you can recycle or reuse your bottle after (who doesn't love a bottle candle-holder).

If you pledge, you will be able to help me achieve my dream of bottling the first small batch and you will of course, have the opportunity to buy one of the first ever made - how exciting is that?!

There are hundreds of Gins out there - why is this different?

1574007324_envelope_mockup.jpgCustomisable infusion! Each Gin will come with bio-degradable 'pockets' of infusion, crammed with the best dried botanicals and orange so you can simply place them into your Gin, infuse, wait, test, infuse, test... drink.

What will supporting this project enable?

If you support this project, you will be helping to create the first ever batch of this delicious gin, including:

  • Distilling (we have perfected the recipe - we just need to make it!)
  • Bottling and packaging
  • Selling it to you (and to bars!)

I have obtained all of the licenses needed, completed extensive market research around flavour, bottle shape and design and worked with amazing creatives to created a beautiful brand - but I need your help to make this happen.

Your help will make this dream come true.

Thank you (please pledge!).



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

A bottle of Chameleon Gin

Enjoy one of the first bottles ever produced from the comfort of your own home. Delicious, pine and orange Chameleon Gin with infusion pockets. Yum! To build the excitement - I will send you Gin-updates so you can see how the gin is being made, when its being bottled and when its being shipped to your door. (If you are feeling super-generous please add a couple of quid for shipping) + we will make you gin-box famous...

£10 or more

11 of 50 claimed

15 minutes of fame (for a tenner)

As our way of saying thank you for pledging - have your name in lights! You will have you name on our box for the first batch. How exciting is that?

£20 or more

4 of 100 claimed

VIP Gin Party

Did someone say "Chameleon Gin party"? Yes we did! Together, we will drink the gin-bar dry... The party will be in Plymouth - so pop on your dancing shoes and buy some tickets for you and your friends. (Party date in February - TBC)

£56 or more

4 of 30 claimed

A bottle of Chameleon Gin + VIP Party invite

This is the ultimate Gin lovers package. Delicious gin at home - delicious gin at a (super-fun) VIP party in an awesome seafront bar. Win, win.

£100 or more

1 of 20 claimed

One of the first 20 bottles of Chameleon Gin!

Perfect for Gin connoisseur's. The opportunity to have one of the first bottles of Chameleon Gin ever produced and enjoy it at home. (Plus - distilling up dates and an invite to the VIP party will be thrown in as part of the package)

£160 or more

1 of 8 claimed

Foraging day (the perfect Christmas gift!)

A foraging day for up to 8 people in Devon (with Tom, the foraging expert and George the gin maker). We'll be exploring the hedgerows and fields, finding a variety of wild plants & herbs and talking about how we can create amazing gins (and food) with them. The afternoon will end with canopies from the ingredients we have foraged and of course a lesson on how to infuse your gin with what you have found (and, obviously drink lots of gin).

£250 or more

0 of 10 claimed

A years supply of gin!

Is there anything more exciting than having enough infusible gin at home to enjoy for a whole year? That's 140 glasses of Gin! (If you are thinking of giving this to a gift for a loved one for Christmas, please let me know, sadly we won't be able to produce and deliver in time, but we will send them a beautifully designed postcard with information of their gift and updates on the production process right up until they get their Gin delivery.)

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