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HUG by LAUGH: a sensory product for dementia care

by Jac Fennell in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

HUG by LAUGH: a sensory product for dementia care


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HUG is a cuddly sensory therapeutic product with a heartbeat for people affected by dementia. This Crowdfunder will help bring HUG to market

by Jac Fennell in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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Simon Lewis 16th February 2021

Those who suffer from dementia must experience unimaginable fear and uncertainty. I can see how Hug might provide familiarity and comfort and I hope that you are able to produce them in volume as there are so many people who might benefit.

Annemarie Davies 16th February 2021

Living with a husband with Alzheimers with limited help during Lockdown, I would have welcomed something like this to calm him down. I could probably have used a hug myself !!

spudette 15th February 2021

My mother is 98 with vascular dementia a hug is hugely important to her. Hugs are the most important calming and comforting gift you can give .

Jackie Brown 30th January 2021

I will definitely buy one .... having not seen my mum in a dementia care home for so long she would love one of these. I hope you can go into production soon. Good luck x

Denice Coverdale 29th January 2021

I think that this is a wonderful idea! My mum has advanced Alzheimer’s disease and hugs and music are so important to her. Her face lights up when someone holds her hand and often when she listens to music, her foot starts to tap. She seems comforted by these simple things and seeing her look so content and connected is very reassuring to the family. Having a HUG will hopefully provide this comfort and especially in these times when we cannot visit her. Thank you!

Jan Thomas 27th January 2021

I have a family member suffering from dementia. This would be amazing for her, especially now when we can't have physical contact.

Marian Lane 15th October 2020

This is SUCH a fantastic idea, not just for dementia patients but for anyone hurting through loss of loved ones and loss of companionship whether human or animal. Well done for your perseverance to bring HUG to fruition.

Anne Marie O'Rourke 13th October 2020

Fantastic innovation!...who doesn't love a hug, and what a truly appropriate product, people living with dementia especially at later stages of their diagnosis will experience and feel emotional connection with a "hug", can't wait to see them everywhere...

Donna Aspinall 8th October 2020

This will be for my mum who suffers with Alzheimer’s & vascular dementia, any comfort for her is huge, your work is inspirational and greatly appreciated, thank you ❤️

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