Launch New Business Bush Productions: 'In PurSUEt'

by Eleanor Higgins in London, England, United Kingdom


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Support New Female Led Company Bush Productions & their first project: Comedy/Drama "In PurSUEt" Premiering at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

by Eleanor Higgins in London, England, United Kingdom

'In PurSUEt celebrates the ultimate truth: you can get anything you want... if you put your mind to it!' ★★★★★ (On The Map Theatre)

What is In PurSUEt?

In PurSUEt is a brand-new show from the recently founded female led company; Bush Productions. Based on a true story; a passionate Sue Perkins Sueperfan, sent to a therapist to deal with her drinking problem, relays her adventures pursuing Sue. Fleabag meets Maranda in this fierce, heartfelt, new LGBT comedy/drama. Follow our troubled heroine’s intense stalking habits and painful coping mechanisms in an age of Social Media, #MeToo, and Brexit..... In PurSUEt is a play with unexpected truth, nuance and heart. Highlighting challenges faced in every day life and how we over come them to find happiness and love. It shines a spotlight onto our souls; in a world where too often emphasis is placed on the external. A searingly fresh new piece that leaves the audience in no doubt: it is by facing our demons, that we overcome them.

Why is it important?

As well as being a comedy/drama, In PurSUEt is set in a therapists office and explores the themes of mental health, substance misuse and trauma. Highlighting the importance of mental health awareness and the recovery from it.

Devised from true events the writer Eleanor Higgins sets out to explore the nature of obsession and challenges some of the modern notions of what it means to be an addict or suffer with mental health issues in the 21st century. These issues are far more complex then the stereotypes often portrayed in the mainstream media. In PurSUEt looks at a real story, with real people, places and events, incorporating new visions of comedy, recovery and hope. We know as a company that recovery from substance misuse is possible. We hope to create a safe place for people to share their stories, find work and lead healthier lives, free from substances, with a better understanding of themselves and others.

'Step aside Fleabag – Hello InPurSUEt!'  ★★★★★ (Audience Feedback)

Who are Bush Productions?

Newly founded by Eleanor Higgins in 2019, Bush Productions is a female led LGBTQ+ film and theatre company. Our focus will be to bring new and exciting talent to the forefront of television, film, radio and theatre, while helping others who have suffered, to find recovery. We are passionate about mental health, bringing awareness to women’s issues, and the much miss understood stereotypes of being LGBTQ+

'Think Miranda... unhinged!' ★★★★★(HBO Art Director Tom Knight)

And Eleanor?

Eleanor trained at the Royal Academy of Music and ALRA. She has worked extensively in the Theatre and Arts industries the last decade including; New World Stages Broadway, Triad, West End, National Tours, ITV, Royal Academy and around the world. A feminist and passionate advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, Eleanor writes poignant and truthful comedy that comes from the heart.

'See this live before its hits TV!' ★★★★★ (Pink Elephant Arts)

What do we need?

We need your help to make Bush Productions official, by giving lift off to its first ever project. We have secured a venue at one of Edinburgh’s top performance spaces, we have the play and the set, but we still have a way to go to make it to Edinburgh.

Your support will go towards our new business; Bush Productions. And the financial task of putting together a new start up. Including: publicity, printing, travel, accommodation, PR, marketing, theatre and venue costs for our first project. With the help of this page, we will be able to hire more women to come on board our fantastic new company. It will also help people who have had direct experience with substance issues find an opportunity to feel useful, creative and part of something. We feel this is much needed in our community where there is so much separation, stigma and judgment. 

Our Hope?

Our focus for the future will be to help others create and share their stories from all walks of life. To make new and exciting projects in film, radio, theatre, spoken word, poetry, dance and many other forms of art. With this funding, Bush Productions hope to create inclusive and diverse projects such as this, that will give back to the community, help others in to work, and give a voice to those less represented in today's society. We will run workshops and creative community projects for people who have experience of substance misuse, addiction and the criminal justice system.

How can I help? 

The best way to help is to donate or buy one of our spectacular rewards, and then sharing this page with anyone you think may be interested. We really need as much sharing, email and social media traction to reach the target. Talk to your friends, your neighbour, your hairdresser about it! If you can share this with as many people as possible, and If everyone who sees this can spare £10 - we will reach our target.

Let's give more women a voice and make “In PurSUEt” a reality!


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★★★★★ "Not to be missed!!!” - Beneficial Artists Fund

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Be in the script! Name a male character.

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Let's make 'Launch New Business Bush Productions: 'In PurSUEt'' happen

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