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Kardia Sports - Giving girls an equal chance

by Olivia Hooper in Lytham, England, United Kingdom

Kardia Sports - Giving girls an equal chance
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On 14th July 2019 we successfully raised £4,013 with 42 supporters in 28 days

Kardia Sports is crowdfunding to break down gender inequality. The aim - to increase mass participation for girls in sport.

by Olivia Hooper in Lytham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Receiving extra money would allow us to buy more equipment and employ more staff. We could then expand to numerous areas across the country, targeting areas where sporting opportunities are limited.

Kardia Sport's main purpose is to get as many girls involved in sports as possible, through sessions tailored to all abilities. All sessions will be based on fun and enjoyment whilst incorporating life skills and progression of sports abilities.

The company's initial elements of girls football sessions are to be based locally for easy access, while girls multi-sports sessions will be based at primary schools.

Football sessions will be set up twice a week for each area, once in the evening of a weekday and once on the weekend, with multiple different age groups. This will be a fun and enjoyable introduction to football in a pressure-free environment, progressing players with confidence teaching not only football skills but life skills. Parents will pay a monthly fee of £25 to have their child take part in the weekly sessions. There are 4 different age groups a week, with numbers starting from 6 in each class to 15-20 later on in the companies life. 

The multi-sports will be once a week after school. There will be a real range of sports to offer, such as cricket, rounders, tag-rugby, netball and so much more. With well-established links to many sports clubs within the local area, we hope to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams within sport. Primary schools will pay £972 per year (Split into termly payments) to have sessions put on at their school facilities for their students.

It is a well-known fact that gender inequality is still a massive issue in sports.

Male sports programs regularly get more support since they have been established longer and it is no secret that men earn more by significant amounts. Consequently, male sports that have been bolstered in society - such as football - are the beneficiaries of the main part of the funding, while less mainstream sports (women’s) get a small amount of the gift sum - on the off chance that they get anything. Almost all women agree that girls surrender sport as they are not as empowered as male partners. 

Now more than ever there is a need for companies like Kardia Sports. With women in sports finally starting to make waves in the battle for equality, there is no better time for young girls to learn they can compete just as hard, and win just as much, as boys.

The benefits that young girls gain and hold throughout their life from this type of company are endless. Women who have played sport from a young age rate their ability to cope with pressure higher than those who haven’t had the opportunity to compete in sport, they also feel a stronger sense of belonging. Just this year, the Feminist Majority Foundation reported that girls who participate in sport are more likely to have higher grades, lower drop-out rates, gain a degree and are less likely to smoke or take drugs than girls who don’t.

 As if all these benefits aren’t enough, a massive reason to run companies like Kardia Sports is to break down the barrier’s society has placed on young girls and ladies. Women are pressured to look and act a certain way to be ‘accepted’ by society. Analysts have discovered that through sport, girls increase higher self-worth, and this assumes an especially incredible job in fortifying physical self-esteem. Understanding that in sport, no one-size fits all, creates high body confidence and the makings of strong female athletes-to-be.

Please help us to change the game for girls, give them an equal sporting chance.


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