Help us to launch Tina Sparkles!

by Tina Sparkles in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Help us to launch Tina Sparkles!
We did it
On 11th November 2019 we successfully raised £2,300 with 63 supporters in 45 days

Tina needs you! This independent creative Bristol enterprise needs your help to develop into a sustainable festival business with a heart.

by Tina Sparkles in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Pay for storage space, buy stock in bulk and make part-payment on a van so we don't have to keep hiring one.

Who the heck is Tina?

We’re Ceri and Ele, and our stall Tina Sparkles started as a dream that became a glorious reality last summer. We thought there was a place in everyone’s lives for a bit more sparkle, so we decided to find a way to do it by combining our love of flashy vintage clothes with our passion for making bold jewellery and spectacular headpieces. We aim to provide everything you need to make your festival/party/trip to the corner shop for a pint of milk at least 92% more dazzling.

We're on a mission to end fast fashion and only stock carefully chosen vintage and pre-loved clothes that that have got a lot more life left in them for dancing, revelling and carousing. We make all of our jewellery and headpieces with care so that they last party after party. 

What’s Tina been up to so far?

We’ve taken Tina Sparkles to a few small, local festivals and it’s been exciting to see her get the party started and help people to unleash their true festival spirit (there’s nothing quite like a sequinned playsuit to put a spring in your step, believe us). It’s been a treat to find our tribe too - we knew we couldn’t be the only ones fond of vintage sequin jackets, showy necklaces and outlandish headwear!

We've put a lot of time, effort, creativity and cash into getting Tina up and running, and we've got so many more ideas, designs and plans up our sleeves. But we need your help to realise them. 

How will the crowdfunder help Tina?

We’d really love to...

  • turn the stall into a proper disco boutique with dazzling decor (at the moment we've got three mirrorballs and a scrap of fabric)
  • put in more powerful lighting (we've got a string of dim fairy lights and a camping lantern) 
  • construct a glitzy screened changing area, so our lovely customers can have a bit of privacy when they're trying on the sequins 
  • pay a designer to develop a Tina logo, a sign writer to make the shop look fabulous and a web developer to build us a website
  • order business cards to help spread the word 
  • book workshop space to do test runs on all of the exciting new designs that currently exist only in our heads.

Backing Tina will also mean that we can apply to bigger festivals than we've been able to so far. We want to grow to give back, too - when we're a profitable enterprise Tina will share the love by giving a slice of the profits to local charities.

We know Tina sounds like a greedy madam, but she's got a whole load of tasty bling and exclusive sparkly treats on offer in return for your support. 

Thank you so much!

Any Questions?

Q. What are the postage costs and which countries can you ship rewards to?

Rewards include Royal Mail first class delivery to UK addresses, but you can pay a little extra to have your parcel delivered elsewhere. 

• Europe: +£4.00 (includes Republic of Ireland)

• World Zone 1: +£5.00 (includes USA, Canada, South America, Africa and Asia)

• World Zone 2: +£6.00 (includes Australia and New Zealand)

Q. Will the rewards be shipped in time for Christmas?

A. Yes, all rewards will made/shipped before Christmas. 

Q. Can I pledge anonymously?

A. Yes, you can opt to hide your name from other supporters list by ticking the relevant box when you make your pledge. Don't worry, we'll still be able to see your details. If you're pre-ordering a reward as a gift, this is a great option. 

Q. Can I pledge on more than one reward?

A. Yes, you can choose as many rewards as you like. You'll need to make a new separate pledge for each reward. If you get stuck, you can message for help. 

Q. How do I let you know what word/style I want on my bespoke necklace and/or arrange a date and friends to join me for my stock rummage?

A. We'll get in touch with you after this Crowdfunder project closes on 10th November. 

Get in touch with us at if you've got any other questions.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Legend status awarded

You remember you're helping us to build a website? We're going to have a Wall of Legends who've helped us make it, featuring your face. Respect from peers, nods of appreciation in the street and enhanced social standing guaranteed.

£10 or more

12 of 15 claimed

Lightning bolt necklace - Red

KAPOWWW! Fly through the night with our blingy lightning bolt necklace! This one’s in sock-it-to-‘em red. Includes a place on the Wall of Legends.

£10 or more

5 of 10 claimed

Lightning bolt necklace - Blue

Love a lightning bolt but not feeling the red? Grab one in zingy electric blue instead! Includes a place on the Wall of Legends.

£10 or more

4 of 50 claimed

Limited edition Tina tote and badge

Our brand new Tina tote is primed and ready for all occasions, from the mundane to the magnificent. Dance down the street with your onions and potatoes! Stash your emergency booze supplies on a big night out! Turn every walk of shame into a strut of pride! This beauty comes with a Tina badge and a place on the Wall of Legends.

£20 or more

8 of 8 claimed

Golden Ticket

Come visit Tina at one of our stalls (or exchange for a gift certificate for our Etsy shop when it's up and running) and scoop up £30’s worth of dazzling treats and handmade finery for a bargainous £20. Showy jacket? Awesome visor? Hell Yeah necklace? It’s up to you, you sparkly beauty! Includes a place on the Wall of Legends.

£35 or more

7 of 10 claimed

Custom necklace

Always wanted to have "Wotsits" on a necklace? Or "Stormzy"? Or "HELP"? Or "Darren"? This is YOUR MOMENT. Pick a word, any word, and we'll make you a totally unique acrylic necklace. You can even choose the size you'd like, from dainty to hefty. This reward includes Tina merch and a place on the Wall of Legends.

£40 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Stock rummage

Take the cream of the crop before anyone else nabs it! Get stuck into our stock of sequins and grab one top-price or two medium-price vintage items. Transform your wardrobe and your life with swag to rival the Fresh Prince's or sequins fresh from Cher's favourite dreams. We've got it all. Bring up to 5 friends (for £5 each) and get treated to nibbles and fizz whilst diving into Tina's cornucopia of bling (additional items purchased separately).

£120 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Dazzling golden disco helmet

Own the disco! Be the shining disco god/dess that everyone wants to dance with! Inspire expressions of love from random passersby! Never lose your friends at a festival again because you've got a magical beacon of wonder on your head! This one's special - we've made silver disco helmets before but never a blingy gold one. And it's got a built-in Knightrider visor! This reward comes with Tina merch and a place on the Wall of Legends.

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