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Making pensions one less thing to worry about

by Megan Worthing-Davies in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 19th August 2019 we successfully raised £10,270 with 86 supporters in 37 days

We increase people’s financial resilience along with their ability to save for a happy and financially secure retirement.

by Megan Worthing-Davies in London, England, United Kingdom

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What's the problem?

If you are anything like me, you find pensions confusing. Last year, I realised that I was in the 80% of the population not saving enough for my older age and that I didn't really understand how much I needed to be saving to have a good quality life when I stopped working. Also, like one in 5 of us who have more than one pension, I'd managed to lose track of the pension I had in my first job. I found a company that offered to find and consolidate my pensions and was about to transfer them over when I realised at the last minute that I'd lose important benefits in the pensions I already had if I did this.

When you save into a pension, you get free money from the government to encourage you to save. Not only are most of us missing out on 30-50% of our potential retirement pot by not making the most of this free money, but actually 55% of us don't even have savings of £500 to weather the emergencies that life throws at us. No wonder that many of us are stressed about money and our future.

How we're addressing the problem: 

This is why I've teamed up with my co-founder Sahil to set up Maji. We aim to help the 20 million people who are not saving enough for their future, to achieve financial resilience and freedom, through accessing, understanding, managing and growing their pension pots.

We're building an app through which people can trace and view all of their pension accounts, see how much they are forecasted to have in retirement when combining all their pensions with the state pension, and save more into their pots through access to the best savings technology out there, such as group product discounting and utility switching.

Our aims are:

- To help people to have at least £500 of savings to cover short term emergency expenses

- To help people to have at least 3 months' wages in savings to cover unexpected losses of income

- To help people to be on track for an income in their retirement of at least 50% of what they are used to in their working life (known as their 'replacement income')

How we are different:

Our app will be the first product to combine services currently found across pension providers, government advice services, financial planners and educators into one platform that serves the interests of consumers. We won't sell our own pension products so we have no conflict of interest in helping you to save more, and our guidance will always be independent and non commission based. We are a mission led business whose impact ambitions are given equal weight to our financial sustainability.

What we will do with the money you help us raise:

Sahil and I have been 'bootstrapping' our business so far. This means we have been paying for it ourselves whilst also working full time on it, and because it's an app, there are a lot of up front costs before we can start making any revenue. With positive reactions to the first part of our product, we want to hit the accelerator, and to have a way for our friends, family and supporters to get involved.

Our target is to raise £5,000 in contributions, which will mean we qualify for a further donation of £5000 from Natwest, taking our total from this crowdfunder to £10,000. The money will be used toward the following:

- Building our first set of app tools that allow users to calculate personalised retirement forecasts and creating the legal and security structure for the app

- Starting to build our chatbot that will allow users to ask questions about their pensions - such as 'can I take my pension with me if I move jobs', or 'what type of pension do I have' or 'where does my pension provider invest my money' - and get immediate responses

How you can get your hands on our app:

To start with, Maji will be available through your employer. You can already receive a personalised video that explains your company pension, how much you are currently saving, and what this might mean for your future income if your employer creates an account on our website.

If you donate over £50, you'll get free access to our premium features as they are launched.

You can find out more about us on our website:

Thank you for your help:

Our target is to reach £5,000 in contributions through this crowdfunder and to thereby qualify for the £5,000 donation from Natwest, as well as to enable our friends, family and supporters to help us on the way to achieving our vision. We thank you in advance for your contribution to our groundbreaking project.


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Thank you so much for supporting us to get Maji off the ground!

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Free coaching session

Free 15 minute coaching/Q and A on your pension situation

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6 months' of free access to our premium features when the app is built.

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1 year of free access to our premium features when the app is built.

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5 years of free access to our premium features when the app is built.

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Canal trip on Megan's beautiful boat Nina ( or overnight stay on her for two people, alongside unlimited premium subscription for you for 5 years.

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