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Pact Lunch - a reusable lunchbox for takeaway food

by Bettina Garnier in London, England, United Kingdom

Pact Lunch - a reusable lunchbox for takeaway food
We did it
On 2nd July 2019 we successfully raised £12,025 with 26 supporters in 21 days

Help save the oceans with PactLunch - a sustainably made, reusable lunchbox especially designed for eating takeaway, without throwing away.

by Bettina Garnier in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra funds will help us employ our first staff member - a dedicated sales and operations manager to oversee distribution and creating partnerships with cafes and restaurants. (essentially expediting our aim to ditch single-use packaging)

Pact Lunch is a sustainably made lunchbox, designed especially for takeaway food.

We're on a mission to help people reduce their dependance on single use plastics, one lunch at a time

If people are happy to carry around a reusable coffee-cup and drink-bottle, why not a lunchbox? We aim to inspire behaviour change through thoughtful design, creating a lunchbox that makes it easy to grab a takeaway, without throwing away. 

Our oceans are in a state of crisis

We're astounded and upset at the state of our worlds oceans. One garbage truck of single-use plastic enters our oceans and waterways each minute. Unless we consume more thoughtfully, our world is heading towards an environmental crisis that we're unable to reverse.

Our everyday actions matter

We've estimated that the UK eat 5M takeaway lunches each day - creating enough single use packaging to fill Hyde Park every day. Using a reusable lunchbox can prevent you from contributing up to 250 pieces of single use plastic from entering our waterways and oceans each year. 

How does Pact Lunch work?

How do we know it will be successful?

We recently conducted a pilot with Exmouth Market (London) and 75 employees from 10 local businesses.

  • 96% said they would use a BYO bunch box in the future
  • 90% would tell a friend about Pact Lunch
  • "Pact Lunch is such a great initiative and just what the world needs"

    (Consumer Trial Participant)

  • "This is important for all takeaway food businesses" (Exmouth Market Street Food Stall Holder)

How will Pact Lunch be different from your standard tupperware?

The lunch boxes currently available on the market aren't designed with ‘takeaway’ in mind so we've done our research and made features that make it easy for cafe chefs to handle, and hungry lunchers to eat from. 

Where are we at in our project roadmap?

We're currently in the design phase, finalising the lunchbox features so that we're ready for manufacturing. 

The next step will be to engage a manufacturer and get our first batch of lunch boxes produced. We're aiming to have these available for sale in October - November. 

Once we have our first lunch boxes they will initially be available for purchase at your favourite cafes and street food markets - to remind everyone to make the right packaging choice when they're grabbing lunch on the go.

How will we use the money raised?

Our first biggest expenses are the tooling and manufacturing of our first batch of lunch boxes. Tooling is a big upfront cost and is not an area we can cut corners with. We need at least £13,000 just for tooling (not to mention production). 

Who we are

We are a woman powered start up based in Hackney, East London. We (Bettina (Innovation Strategist) and Laura (Designer and Architect)) are both mad beach lovers (and Kiwis) and have formed a pact to put our design and business skills to good use and help protect the oceans they love.

Be part of our solution to save the oceans one lunch at a time


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£80 or more

4 piece gift or family pack

Help your whole family and friends reduce waste with beautifully designed, sustainably lunch boxes for everyone. A great gift!!

£10 or more

Join our Pact to save the oceans

Not much change to spare but still want to make a difference? Join our community of supporters and receive tips of how you can change your habits to change the world.

£25 or more

Limited first edition Pact Lunch Box

Be the first of your friends to change your lunching habits and eat takeaway without throwing away!

£200 or more

8 of 200 claimed

Pact Launch party + Lunch Box

Join us and our most valued supporters for a delicious long lunch, as we celebrate our first step in helping clean up the seas, one lunch at a time. (Location: East London)

£600 or more

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The ultimate Pact

Believe that Pact Lunch will make a difference? Become one of our founding supporters and we'll give you all the lunch boxes you need (up to 40) and all the love that you deserve! (Other benefits negotiable)

£1,500 or more

Corporate Pact

Employees want your business to make a sustainable difference? Get co-branded lunch boxes for your whole team. Your company's logo will be beautifully printed on the glass lid of our wonderful new design. Makes a great team christmas present! (150 lunch boxes for £1500, or one extra box per £10 over)

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