Ruthy's Best Shito

by Ruth Baidoo in London, England, United Kingdom

Ruthy's Best Shito
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On 14th March 2020 we successfully raised £10,020 with 117 supporters in 28 days

Help me bring to life Ruthys best shito, delicious sauces inspired by my home land Ghana.

by Ruth Baidoo in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

At Ruthy's best shito we pride our selfs in creating delicious sauces inspired by our home land Ghana whilst supporting our farmers to become more sustainable.


Our Story 

Ruthy's best shito takes its origins from Ghana, once called the Gold Coast ,a place not only valued by its minerals but also for its culture and its authentic west African cuisine.

Growing up in Ghana our founder Ruth lived with her grandma who often took her to local markets where she discovered an amazing world of fresh exotic spices and natural ingredients as well as learning unique recipes that have been passed down through generations. 

This is where our founder was inspired to create her Ruthy's best shito premium sauces, a delicious blend of few natural ingredients and a hint of hot spices. 

The word ‘’shito’’   simply means pepper in Ga a Ghanian Language, our sauces have a delicious bolt taste and can be used in a variety of ways to satisfy your cravings, for example spread on bread, or simply mix with rice.  

Our farmers matter too

At Ruthy's best shito we are committed to put ‘’our money where our mouth is’’ by giving a percentage of our profits to support local small west African farmers who grow our ingredients so they can become more sustainable economically and environmentally. 

What have we done so far and what are our Future plans

So far, our founder has created her delicious sauces using her home kitchen facilities and tested the product in her local community, the sauce is loved by many who are craving for more, this proves that Ruthy's best shito can really go far and has potential to grow. Our plan this year is to be able to raise funds in order to work with a sauce manufacturer in order to scale the business. We want to work with stores, restaurants, local markets, distributors as well as selling online, we want everyone to taste our delicious product and we can’t do this without your help, this is why we are crowdfunding for a total of 10k to fund our operation.

How are we going to spend the money? 

The funding will go towards our first production units which includes manufacturing cost, raw ingredients, packaging and transport. The funding will also help us with our initial marketing campaign to raise awareness of our product. 

With your help we’ll be able to kick start our venture and supply Ruthy's best shito on a large scale making it available for everyone!!Your help will also give us the opportunity to support our farmers and combat unfair trading practises one sauce at a time.   




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