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Social Mortgage - Building futures the social way!

by Jodie Warren ~ Social Mortgage in Loughborough, England, United Kingdom

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Unlocking the lives of those with disabilities by giving them back their independence. Whilst helping everyone else onto the property ladder

by Jodie Warren ~ Social Mortgage in Loughborough, England, United Kingdom

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The housing crisis is real…but there is a darker side that is hidden…THIS IS BRITAIN'S HIDDEN HOUSING CRISIS! 

Britain’s hidden housing crisis is taking away the basic human rights of those with disabilities! There is a serious lack of accessible housing available throughout the UK which is robbing society of the opportunity of independent living!

Out of the 13.9 million disabled people in the UK,1.8 million have an accessible housing need – 580,000 of whom are of working age.

“Inaccessible housing is stopping disabled people living our best independent lives”See what Samantha Renke has to say here...

Below are some terrible real life stories, these are the type of situations we want to put a STOP to.

“Number of people with disabilities and medical conditions on housing waiting list rises by almost 11,000 in two years”

Daniel Slade is 49 but for the past fifteen months he's been living in a single room in a nursing home because Northamptonshire County Council have been unable to find him an accessible property.

A heart aneurysm left him unable to walk, but he is able to live independently.

"It's a prison sentence without a court appearance, it's that simple," he said.

"I was brought here; I didn't want to be in a nursing home. I'm 49-years-old living with 80 and 90-year-olds that are dying on a daily basis.

"I thought the aneurysm, the recovery from that, the period of time I was in a coma and when I came around - I thought that was bad - and then you get placed in a nursing home. For mental health and for lifestyle, it's a prison cell."

Read Daniel's story here...


“Social housing limbo leaves disabled Littlehampton baby ‘homeless’ over Christmas”

A disabled baby and her parents will be spending their first Christmas as a family in hospital after social housing limbo left them homeless.

Read about baby Penelope's first Christmas here... 

“Autistic man repeatedly refused housing due to disability benefits!”

Read how a man has been refused housing due to being on disability benefits here...

For some not having a big enough deposit continues to be the main barrier stopping people from buying their first home. For others, it may be that their income alone isn’t enough to support a mortgage application, or some people may simply want someone to share their journey with and for those with disabilities there just isn’t the correct properties available. Whether you're purchasing your first or second home, or a property for investment purposes, through the magic of co-buying Social Mortgage aims to make home ownership more accessible for everyone. And, if you’re not up to the idea of living with someone else then we have investors that are willing to co-buy without moving in with you!


Social Mortgage is an interactive social platform which brings together people who either can’t get a mortgage alone or simply can’t find the accessible housing that they need, enabling as many people as possible to get on the property ladder.

We use our creativity and modern intelligence to apply practical, innovative and sustainable solutions to benefit society, often with an emphasis on those who are marginalised. We are passionate leaders of change, and don’t believe that the way things have always been done is the way things should remain. We have a passion to improve the lives of others in their community and beyond.

To shape the future of today and for generations to come we must be pro-active and embrace change positively. By breaking the “norm” we can overcome obstacles and build independence through social equality and inclusion.

We are connecting people and building futures the “Social way”.




Social Mortgage is the latest “PropTech” to enter the “Sharing Economy”- we are adding house purchases to a long list of items currently shared within the market. Co-Buying or Co-Ownership is a very proactive way to get on the property ladder by both boosting your purchasing power and fast tracking one of life’s milestones!

So, what exactly is the sharing economy?

Trying to define exactly what the sharing economy is would not do the term justice. The sharing economy is an economic principle that is constantly evolving. In the very simplest terms, it’s the use of technology to facilitate the exchanged access of goods or services between two or more parties.

It’s derived from the notion that mutual parties can share value from an under-utilised skill, service or asset. This value exchange occurs through a shared marketplace, collaborative platform, or peer-to-peer application.

Basically, “sharing is caring”. Helping others feels good but you’re also helping yourself, so everyone benefits somewhere along the way! Let’s all say a huge “Thank you” to modern technology! 

What is PropTech?

In short, it stands for all the companies that are taking on the property industry to make it better, spurred by an ever-changing digital landscape and new consumption patterns.



Why Co-buying is the future of house buying...

There are fantastic financial, social, emotional and mental benefits when co-buying.

There can be many advantages to buying a home jointly with someone else.

  • To start with, as property prices are so high, you may not have qualified for a mortgage, or have a big enough deposit on your own. Buying with another person is both a pro-active and practical way to get onto the ladder.
  • Knowing that your monthly mortgage is shared with someone else, along with the costs of the household can really lift the burden, rather than leaving you to struggle by yourself.
  • It can also be easier to share as a co-owner than as a landlord, getting a tenant in to rent out a spare room. The responsibility for your home is shared – your friend is invested too.  
  • Many sharers also find tremendous social benefits in living with others, especially if you share interests or life experiences e.g. many students look back at their years of flat-sharing as some of the happiest times of their lives and others simply value having someone that understands them and what they've been through.
  • With many renters having flatmates already, those eager to buy a property might wonder why they couldn’t enjoy the same sociable living situation but own the property as well.
  • The two main concerns that led people to consider co-buying a property were that they could not afford to buy a property alone, and that they did not have a partner to buy with. As 38% have said they would rather live with someone, but also wanted to own a home, buying with Social Mortgage is an excellent solution. Buying a home, the social way can feel more secure than going it alone.
  • Buying a property with a "Social Mortgage Mate" is a way to get onto the ladder, and as the property increases in value over the years, it becomes an investment that could finance a future property.



We will offer financial support where possible towards the purchase of specialist equipment and accessibility renovation costs.

We aim to purchase derelict properties for renovation and resale into accessible housing market.

We aim to deal directly with new build property developers at the planning stage to make it easier for people with disabilities to live an independent life whilst connecting them with specialist mortgage providers.

We will have forums for people that may share a specific life experience e.g. widow/widowers, victims of abuse, ex armed forces or single parents so that you can talk to others that understand what you have been through. Finding common ground is the key to friendships that last forever.

The mental and emotional well-being of living with someone that has had similar life experiences to yourself is hugely benefited in many ways:

1) Realising you are not alone

2) Expressing your feelings

3) Learning helpful information

4) Improved social skills

5) Gaining hope

6) Reducing distress

7) Increased self-understanding

8) Helping others


HOW SOCIAL MORTGAGE CAME TO BE…The idea came about when we stumbled upon an investment property that we wanted to purchase but was out of our financial reach. Talking “money” with those closest to you continues to be a bit of a taboo. So, this is when we set about looking for a website aimed at people with the same problem. We quickly found that there wasn’t one and so Social Mortgage was born! As we looked deeper into the “housing crisis” we became very aware of the darker side… My mum has always worked with people with disabilities and confirmed their struggles from first-hand experiences. I decided instantly that things must change, and it must happen quickly.



We will connect you with like-minded people, people that have the same aim of buying a house to call their own or our investors that will help you to buy a property without moving in. 

We make unknown territory a less scary place, giving you people to talk to that understand your struggle, reservations and worries without any judgement.

By joining Social Mortgage, you are joining the latest social movement that is changing the way people buy houses and shaping the future for generations to come. A new era of house buying is upon us, it’s time to embrace change and move forward together.

By keeping it social you will succeed!

  • You'll start by answering a few simple questions about yourself and what it is your looking for, then choose a plan that best suits your needs.
  • You can then access our forum and social media accounts; this is where your search for the perfect purchase partner begins!

Once you have found your "mortgage mate" and the ideal house we have impartial mortgage advisers and a legal team on hand to guide you through every step of the way!



So, who am I?

Hi, my name is Jodie and I am 35 years old and have 3 wonderful boys (15, 14 and 4 years old). My partner and I have been together for 17 years and run our own businesses, which include a small local car sales, vehicle repairs, and tyre sales & fitting, and I’m proud to say that I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. In the past I have also run my own online Travel agency and Baby store.

Having 3 boys means that cars play a huge part in our lives both inside and outside of work (I am well and truly outnumbered) but my family mean the world to me, so I don’t mind.

As well as running our own businesses I have experience in retail both on and offline, A level qualifications in Business studies, Communication studies, Psychology and Sports leadership. I also have an HND level 3 in Travel and Tourism including BTEC level 3 in ABTAC, ABTOC and British Airways Fares and Ticketing Level 2.

I would say that I am a “glass half full” sort of person that likes to see the best in everyone. I can be a bit of a dreamer but dreams drive determination and ambition! I tend to think outside of the box when it comes to solving a problem and I do enjoy a challenge.

I am no stranger to overcoming the obstacles and struggles that life likes to throw at us sometimes, but anyone who knows me will tell you that I always have a smile on my face and will overcome whatever the bump in the road may be. Because of this I understand the value of having that safe place to call your own, a place that you can retreat to and have your moment. A person’s home is their castle no matter how big or small it may be, and in this day and age, everyone (in an ideal world) should have a place to call their own. Sadly, the average age of a first-time buyer has risen dramatically, and if things do not change, then they will continue to so over the coming years.  I want to help make a difference and get people their “castle”!

I hate seeing inequality and discrimination and wouldn’t like to leave this world knowing that I haven’t made a difference! I think that if people can embrace change and be more socially accepting of each other, then the future world will be a better place. By doing things differently together we can make the change. #DoingThingsTheSocialWay


When I was a child, my Grandad once said to me: “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” and that is how I’ve lived life ever since.



Quotes from my diversity award nominations….

“Jodie’s compassion and empathy for people, particularly for those who may be marginalised in some way, is in her blood. Her maternal grandparents met whilst working together as volunteer helpers at a “Gateway” youth club for people with learning difficulties. Their daughter (Jodie’s mother) also helped at the same club, and later, spent most of her working life supporting further education students with special needs. Jodie’s Aunt (her Mother’s sister) has also spent the latter part of her working life supporting secondary school students with special needs. Consequently, Jodie has grown-up in an environment very much focused on care, empathy and compassion for people from all backgrounds. Indeed, to underline her inherently diverse qualities, her partner is of different ethnicity, with whom she has borne and brought up three beautiful, loving children. She has completely (and easily) integrated their two cultures and has been totally accepted – not to say adopted – into her partner’s family. Her partner’s Mother refers to Jodie as “my Queen”! Jodie is the epitome of a totally inclusive human being, and I for one, would aspire to match her qualities. No-one deserves this award so richly as Jodie.”

“Jodie has grown up in a family environment where her Grandparents and Mother have a great many years’ experience in both working and supporting people with special needs. This background I believe has led Jodie to follow in her desire to show empathy and compassion to people who are sometimes marginalized by today\'s society. She is a mother of three boys who's ages range from 15,13 and 4 years old. Juggling life with these three young men and demonstrating her desire help change the life of disadvantaged/marginalized people I believe shows her totally unselfish and diverse attitude to life.”

“Single handily tackling the housing crisis, combating loneliness and providing much needed accessible housing for those with disabilities whilst supporting those marginalised by society. Building a better future for generations to come! Such an inspiration!”

“Jodie and her team are providing a support and service that is sadly lacking elsewhere and are making huge changes to people’s lives by their inclusive and non-discriminatory approach.”

Some fun facts about me:

Favourite colour: Purple and pink

Scared of: Spiders, wooden bridges over water and clowns!

Favourite food: Cake

My go to drink: A good cuppa Tea (the odd Gin is good too!)

Craziest thing I’ve ever done: Bungee jump

My favourite place to be: By the Sea (preferably with the sun out but this is the UK)

I believe you should try anything once. (well… almost anything)

Thank you for taking the time to read this far…. Hopefully it's because you believe in what I am trying to achieve!

Any funds raised will go towards having my website professionally tweaked (as what you see now is made with love by ME and my technical skills in this area have their limits). I would also like someone to look at my SEO. Funds will also go towards marketing.


We're proud to announce that we have been nominated for the "Entrepreneur of Excellence" award at the National Diversity Awards 2020! You can vote for us at



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