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We'll write powerful healing stories that will help children and families who go through challenges and face traumas.

by Cristina Guraliuc in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

My dad passed away a couple of months ago. I have learned the hard way how powerful stories are when I had to explain to Ilinca, my 3-year-old little girl, why she is never going to see her grandad again. Books have been a reliable partner in those times, I don't know how I would have managed the immense challenge without them.

I believe in stories and I have been writing them ever since I can remember. It wasn't until I became a mother myself that I started focusing on children's stories. I have been writing almost every day since then and confirmed myself with every word and sentence, that storytelling is a powerful tool to bring comfort and joy in the lives of others.

The personalised books I write are specially tailored for each and every hero - from text to illustrations and, more than often, they are more than an amazing gift, they have a therapeutic effect as well. Children cope better with adversities, they understand challenges better and come up with creative solutions when faced with difficulties if they can picture themselves as heroes of their own story. I have met children who have been adopted who were able to have a better grasp of their own reality thanks to a therapeutic story. 

No doubt about it, personalised books are an amazing "happiness vehicle" that carry around all types of passengers - from little to not-so-little-anymore. 

Everybody has a story and my BIG VISION is to make the personalised book the most important one in every family's library. A legacy meant to last for years and years. A book that gathers the dear ones together. 

We'll donate the first 100 books to charities, nurseries and health practitioners that can help spread the joy in the world!

Your support matters so, so much! Every pound you donate goes towards this beautiful dream, directly to the little hearts that need these books!

To sum up:

  • Stories can heal. So let's make the world a better and happier place by nourishing them.
  • Children cope better with difficult times if they can picture themselves as being the hero of the story. Heroes are a positive symbol and the proof that good always wins, no matter how hard the challenge. 
  • The customised stories are perfectly tailored to fit the physical appearance of every child, with their name inside.
  • By reading these stories aloud, in a parent's arms, the bond between child and carer becomes more powerful.

I plan to expand my vision thanks to this crowdfunding by investing in partnerships with psychologists to create therapeutic stories for a broad variety of issues that both children and families change, such as adults separation, a dear one passing away, bullying, racism or dealing with illness. 

Here is how this is going to work, more exactly:

1. We are going to choose 10 of the most common challenges children experience

And I'll write a story for each and one of them. Every story is going to be proofread by a psychologist, to make sure every detail is in place. All stories are going to be available as e-books in our online shop,, for a small fee. 

2. Two of them are going to be illustrated by talented international illustrators

I am going to need your help here too, to choose the stories that are going to "get dressed up" in beautiful and strong images. 

3. We are going to print 100 books and donate them to charities and local authorities that can help us deliver these books to people who really need them

Yaay! That's the final phase of the campaign and the most important one. To get here, though, we need all the support we can get!

Join me! It will be amazing!


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