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Hannah’s Story: “Network, connect and ultimately ask for help”

by Back Her Business | Jul 19, 2019 | Stories

Hannah’s Story: “Network, connect and ultimately ask for help”

In 2008, Beaumont Organic was born from my love of fashion and a lack of organic and ethical contemporary clothing in the market. I knew from a young age that I had my own voice that I wanted to share with the world. Beaumont Organic became that voice; it allowed me to combine my creativity and business sense in an authentic way, because I created a product I believed in, that I knew inside out and was passionate about. The company started with 8 organic cotton ecru T-shirts and just me, running about designing, selling, buying, marketing… you name it, I did it.

One of my first learning’s came in the early days in Japan, we had secured a distributor there after only a year in business and I found myself in a very male dominated environment. I was becoming hardened to the male way of doing business and starting to adopt their more cut throat style. It was only when an FD in a meeting said I would be nice if I was a little more feminine that I realised I am not just an entrepreneur. I’m a female entrepreneur and with that comes the warmth and beauty that men don’t have and that genuine desire to help, support and grow people. This inherent nature of women can be used as naturally in growing a business as it can in having children and is a huge strength for women. After receiving this piece of advice my mindset changed and I began to think more about my strengths and weaknesses. I started going on courses and networking events to connect with people and to ultimately ask for help and support in areas I wasn’t so strong. I often think ladies inherent sense is that we should be able to do everything ourselves – this is impossible, we have to ask for help for the things we find hard.

My final more recent learning came after repeatedly being close to burn out: Take time for yourself and your own mental and physical wellbeing. As women we want to help and please everyone and often despite working full time and often due to tradition, (which is slow to change) we also end up as the main person running the family home and caring for children. As fabulous as we are we cannot maintain this fast pace day in day out. We have to ensure our mental and physical wellbeing is looked after so that we can be the best person for the people around us. This might include morning yoga, journaling, evening mediation’s, monthly massages and some time away. You have to book into your calendar this time. It’s crucial. I have certainly encountered challenges as an entrepreneur and, believe me, you need to be resilient, headstrong and focused but now I sit back and am so proud of where Beaumont Organic has arrived today.

We are now selling in 12 countries, with a team of staff in Manchester, a flag ship concept store in Manchester and an online store with a database of over 65,000 customers who resonate with and support our vision.

My 3 quotes to take away with you:

  • ‘You are a woman – act like one’
  • ‘Take time for yourself and your own mental and physical wellbeing’
  • ‘Network, connect and ultimately ask for help’