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THE GOOD WEIGH: A zero waste journey

by Back Her Business | Nov 08, 2019 | Stories

THE GOOD WEIGH: A zero waste journey

With the war on plastic in full swing,  it’s no surprise that zero waste shops are becoming the talk of communities. Kate, envisioning the world she wanted her children to grow up in, went on a mission to help the people of Lady Bay live more sustainably. 

Situated in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, Lady Bay is a small area with a vibrant community. Knowing that one-third of supermarket plastic isn’t recyclable, Kate Cox realised that things had to change. She started dreaming of her own zero waste store and all the plastic-free alternatives she could fill it with. 

Kate said, “The idea of a zero waste store was a really good way to set my kids a good example and show them what kind of future I want for them too.”

She had already secured the premises for her shop, but she needed £5,000 to make everything fall into place. 

Through this, the crowdfunder to get a zero waste store in Lady Bay was born. 

A local community rallying around the zero waste cause

“My store is based in my local community, so crowdfunding was market research as well as securing financial support to get The Good Weigh started. Roughly 85% of the pledges made were from locals who wanted a shop like this in their neighbourhood, so I knew I was onto a winner when the support started to rocket.”

After 59 days, £10,150 was raised from 173 supporters, more than doubling Kate’s original target. £2,500 of this came from us as part of our initiative to get more women into business. By breaking down some of the obstacles women can often face, such as capital, confidence, and connections, our #BackHerBusiness programme aims to close the gender gap for good.  

Of the funding, Kate said, “Getting the extra funding from NatWest Back Her Business took the plans for my store from great to incredible! The interior and product list make The Good Weigh one of the best stores of its kind in the UK. I have a really beautiful shop and over 160 lines of everyday products for our local community to be really proud of.”

Produce from a zero waste shop in glass jars

She continued, “I was quite baffled by the funding to be honest! It’s so great to have support from a company as big as NatWest championing women in business and encouraging us to take the plunge. The extra funds meant we smashed our stretch target and were able to provide a peanut butter grinder as well as a coffee grinder too.”

When asked about being a woman in business, Kate told us, “I’ve noticed that women really support women. If we all stick together and champion each other, there’s no reason why we can’t conquer anything we want.”

Where is she now?

In July 2019, the doors to The Good Weigh opened to a flurry of customers who love the simple, easy, and effective shopping style that Kate provides. With themed days such as ‘Floral Friday’ and ‘Soughdough Saturday’, it’s fantastic to see how far Kate has come from her initial dream to the fully fledged business. 

Kate standing in front of the Good Weigh—a zero waste shop in Lady Bay.

Reviews for the shop are overwhelmingly positive. Not to mention the shoppers who are ecstatic about the peanut butter grinder! 

Kate said, “The store opening locally has been a game changer for our neighbourhood.” 

You can follow Kate’s journey over on Facebook.

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