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The Ugly smoothie

by Alison McArdle in London, England, United Kingdom

The Ugly smoothie
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The Ugly Smoothie we want to save fruit from going to waste and turn them into delicious juices.

by Alison McArdle in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


  • According to FEEDBACK (sustainable agency) about 49% of Europe food waste occurs at agriculture level. With Farmers wasting up to 25% of their crop each year.
  • In the UK alone, each year farmers waste an average of 10-16% of their crop, that’s 22,000-37,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables going in the bin.
  • The reason behind such a huge amount of waste is aesthetics, Supermarkets rejects fruit and vegetables from farmers simply because of their shape, size or colour.  Overproduction is also another factor that contributes to farm waste.


I believe that no food deserves to be wasted, I want to work with farmers and fruit vendors across the UK to save these fruits and turn them into delicious smoothies with nothing else added, I want to use my brand to raise awareness of food waste. 

The concept 

My vision is to have smoothie machines self-service, where by people can actually pick some ugly fruits from containers and make some smoothie for them self’s. I want people to understand that ugly fruits are not disgusting and they are perfectly great to eat, by picking one themselves and doing their own smoothie I believe that people will understand that this fruits are just normal as any other fruit.

So far I have been able to come up with 3 concepts:

 Concept 1

Concept 2 

Concept 3

The final concept is what I believe would work, this is why I am crowdfunding I need a bit of cash to fund the project, funds will go towards: renting vending machines, design of the display, branding, packaging and raw materials. Every little contribution will help bring my idea to live. Thank you for considering to pledge on my campaign.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Love for sustainability

Thank you for your generous pledge and for pushing my campaign towards reducing food waste.

£10 or more

No fruit deserve to be wasted

Thank you for your pledge, and for supporting my mission to reduce food waste. we will send you a thank you card with the signature of all the farmers we will reworking with.

£25 or more

2x ugly smoothie samples

Thank you for your pledge you Receive 2 x ugly smoothie sample.

£46 or more

4x Ugly Juice 250 ml

Thank you for your pledge receive 4x 250 ml Ugly Juice

£90 or more

8 x Ugly Juice 250 ml

Thank you for your pledge receive 8 x 250 ml Ugly Juice.

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