Tots Table-making weaning fun, easy & nutritious!

by Tots Table in Hemingford Grey, England, United Kingdom

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We want our babies to love food - to make weaning fun, easy and nutritious! We need funding so we can reach exhausted parents UK wide.

by Tots Table in Hemingford Grey, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We want to be accessible for all parents!  Meeting our stretch target would enable us to scale up, hire commercial premises, make efficiencies in our processes and bring down the cost of our products, so that we can share our products with more parents - we want food to be fun for all little foodies and our boxes to be accessible for everyone.

Tots Table - What do we offer?

Tots Table is a frozen baby food delivery service founded by 2 women on a mission to help parents free themselves from the blender and the carrot sticks and spend more quality time with their babies! We want to provide nutritionally fab, 'home-cooked' style meals (with no added nasties or hidden sugars) and expert weaning guidance to time poor, exhausted parents all over the UK! 

Vicky and Sam are friends and now business partners.  Here’s what you need to know about us…


  • Paediatric dietitian for 11 years
  • Tots Table chief dietetic advisor
  • Provider of wine and weaning support to Sam
  • Passionate about babies building good relationships with food – great eating and nutrition is SO important for little people’s growth and development!
  • Mum to Maisie and Marble…my two furry friends 


  • Busy Mum to Olivia
  • Lover of all things food 
  • No confidence with weaning, in spite of being a confident cook
  • Addicted to internet researching all baby related issues for hours on end
  • Fortunate to have a particularly diplomatic hairdresser – very adept at denying a growing ‘grey’ crisis since I had a child….

Here's a Snap of 'Team Tots Table' after a looong day in the kitchen!

How was Tots Table born?

Having researched weaning for hours online, Sam still lacked clarity about what foods to introduce when, how much to give and where to even start - let alone having the time to prep the food - so turned to Vicky.  After several hours poring over the purees and mini muffins, we realised that:

  • There was minimal comprehensive, consistent and reliable information available around weaning;
  • Unless parents are happy to use pouches or jars (which have often been on the shelf longer than their baby has been on the planet and often contain high levels of hidden sugar), there are minimal fresh, time saving options available on the market; 
  • ….ultimately the ‘dogs dinner’ can be better than our baby’s – you can order expert planned, fresh & frozen food for your dog, to your door, but not for your baby!!

And so, Tots Table was born! We started our research, got in the kitchen and recruited Olivia as our chief taste tester. The idea and concept has evolved from there and we are so excited to have launched locally, in and around Cambridge. 

What Makes Tots Table Different?

We offer a fortnightly box of meals for babies from the start of their weaning journey to 12 months.  Our boxes provide:

  • Expert guidance and support for parents - Our guidance packs are bespoke according to the baby’s age and their nutritional and developmental needs.
  • Research based weaning plans – emphasising the benefits of exposing babies to vegetables and bitter tastes from day one, said to improve the likelihood of our tots accepting those flavours as their taste-buds mature.
  • The best quality ingredients, and ‘real’ food, with no sweeteners - Our ingredients are cooked using methods to maintain best nutrition and taste and you'll find no hidden sugars or sweeteners here! (Did you know, many well known commercially prepared baby foods contain sweetners - either in artificial or fruit form in their savoury meals, which develops babies sweet tooths, rather than helping them develop a taste for healthier, savoury tastes.)
  • Frozen convenience – Our ready prepped ingredients are frozen:
    • to maintain that nutritional value; 
    • for convenience – no more food going off in the fridge; and 
    • to avoid the need for any harmful packaging processes.
  • Both purees and complimentary finger foods - for a combined approach to weaning.  This maximises baby’s nutritional intake, improves self-feeding skills and gives babies the opportunity to explore different foods, textures and flavours.
  • Exciting dishes and great variety – Our boxes include a wide selection of ready prepared vegetables, fruits, plant-based proteins and carbohydrates which can be combined with our delicious sauces such as a dahl, kale pesto and a satay to make gourmet meals.  We call this our ‘cube concept'. 
  • Recipe ideas and inspiration - to give parents confidence in the kitchen.
  • Flexibility - Once parents have our meals in their freezer, they can be used whenever and however they choose - whether that's for a quick time saver on busy days, or for every day convenience.
  • Delivery on a fortnightly basis – taking the pressure of planning, shopping and prepping!  Parents can choose between one off boxes or a fortnightly subscription, with no obligation to re-order and the option to cancel at any time.

We know it works - But don't just take it from us! 

One of Tots Table's very first  Mums told us: “T is doing remarkably well.  He definitely wouldn’t have tasted such a range of food so quickly without you. I’m in awe..!”

What’s the Cube Concept?

We deliver ready prepared ‘cubes’ of all of the ingredients parents need in the right weight for the age of their baby, to make up a huge range of nutritionally balanced meals.  That's seasonal vegetables, carbohydrates, vegetable based proteins and sauces, as well as fruit cubes for desserts - all in one box!  Think mix n match!   

For example, a meal for a baby of 9 months from one of our boxes could include:   1 black turtle bean cube + 1 butternut squash cube + 2 pasta cubes + 1 delicious kale pesto - yum!  With raspberries for dessert!

Meal prep simply involves:

  • Looking at our meal builders, or parents using their own creativity to design a meal;
  • Removing the cubes needed from the freezer;
  • Defrosting and heating the cubes; and
  • Serving! 

All in the time it takes to make that cuppa or drink a glass of wine!

Why support us?

We think good food should be available to all babies, and we want to empower more parents to get their babies off to a flying start with food, without pouches, stress, and hidden sugars.  We want to free those parents from the blender and chopping those carrot sticks! We want parents to enjoy time with their babies, or frankly, take a well earned rest!  

We see a huge gap in the market for helping to get the next generation of foodies off to the best nutritional start – and to do that, we need your help!

How will we use your pledge?

We've created the weaning plans, written the expert guidance and loved creating boxes for fab local parents in our kitchen. We know it works.  But we want to scale up and spread the joy of Tots Table far and wide!  But we need your help to do so - we need some mean industrial kitchen equipment, such as a blast freezer and hardcore blenders and we need to give our chef more time in the kitchen to come up with more fantastic recipes and ideas!  So please help us, and pledge, pledge, pledge!  There are some fantastic rewards on offer! 

Let’s give our babies the best and us parents our time and sanity back!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£200 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Gift a Mum a dinner party for 6 with YHangry!

LONDON BASED REWARD, Zone 1&2: Gift a Mum the luxury of a dinner party for 6 in her own home with YHangry! Mum can invite friends around and let her hair down, without the effort of cooking and cleaning up or worrying about babysitters! Mum just chooses the menu and YHangry take care of the rest, from the shopping to the cooking and clearing up. Dates & times of booking strictly by agreement with YHangry, T's&C's apply.

£5 or more

Virtual Hug and a Thank You!

I wouldn't like a reward, I'd just like to support the project by making a donation!

£10 or more

14 of 30 claimed

A Box of Handmade Chocolates!

A delicious box of chocolates, hand made by our fabulous chef, James and wrapped in beautiful wrapping! A perfect gift, or a lovely treat for yourself!

£10 or more

Charity Pledge-Help All Families Access Great Food

We will donate 50% of whatever you pledge to Family Action (Registered Charity Number: 264713). Family Action dedicates several services to helping families access great food & gain skills & confidence around cooking. See Family Action's FOOD project, the National School Breakfast Programme, & Holiday Hub. They're an amazing charity Sam used to work for & support our mission to make good food available to all

£15 or more

Set of Tots Table Guidance Sheets & Recipe cards

A full set of our weaning guidance sheets, giving tips and example meal plans for your weaning journey, as well as our unique meal builder cards and recipe cards. Our pack covers the weaning journey from 6-12months and comes in a handy folder for you to keep

£20 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Block of 3 Barre Classes, CAMBRIDGE

1 Block of 3 Barre classes with the fabulous Emma of Cambridge Barre Workout - usually £20. To be used within 30 days of purchase. Barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance and yoga and the moves are choreographed to motivational and fun music. The small isometric contractions are performed with an interval training approach that burns fat and improves cardiovascular fitness. Your posture, flexibility, stamina and core strength will improve.

£20 or more

Give a Mum a Dinner Party! £20 Vouher for YHangry

LONDON BASED REWARD, Zone 1&2: Gift a Mum a £20 voucher towards the luxury of having a fabulous YHangry chef at home, so she can invite friends around to let her hair down, without the effort of cooking and cleaning up or worrying about babysitters! YHangry ( lets you host private chef dinner parties at home! Mum just chooses the menu and YHangry take care of the rest, from the shopping to the cooking and clearing up!

£30 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Highly Defined Brows by Beauty with Amineh (CAMBS)

Highly defined Brows or Brow Lamination - Amineh can help you tame, shape and define your brows. Choose whichever option will make you feel a million dollars! Amineh can come to you to do your brows, even while your baby takes a nap! Available either with Amineh in Caldecote, or at your home. Check out Amineh's beautiful work here: Appointment subject to agreement with Amineh, T's&C's apply.

£50 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Eye-Lash Extensions with Beauty by Amineh (CAMBS)

Treat yourself or a loved one to Classic Lash Extensions - a full set of eye-lash extensions with Beauty by Amineh - either in Caldecote, Cambs, or in your own home in Cambridgeshire. Enjoy 2 hours of lying down and chilling for a chat or a snooze while Amineh attends to your lashes! See Amineh's beautiful work here - T's & C's apply, booking subject to agreement with Amineh

£50 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Baby & Toddler Nutritional Consultation

A 45 minute Skype/phone consultation with Vic, our paediatric dietitian. Talk weaning, allergies and intolerances, fussy eating, meal ideas, or whatever you need! Book now for an evening/weekend appointment in January. Dietitians are the only nutritional professional regulated by law that assesses, diagnoses and treats dietary & nutritional concerns. We use the most up to date evidence and research in our work.

£50 or more

2 of 3 claimed

Adult Nutritional Consultation

A 45 minute Skype or phone consultation with Vic, our very own dietitian. Are you always tired and unable to focus at work? Would you like tips on how to eat to perform and feel better, to improve your diet, or maybe lose weight, and to help create quick, nutritious meals? Whatever your query, Vic can provide you with guidance and ideas.

£50 or more

0 of 1 claimed

A Make-over with Beauty by Amineh (CAMBS)

Treat yourself or a loved one to a luxurious make-up and make-over session with Beauty by Amineh. Amineh will make you look and feel stunning, all in the comfort of your own home in Cambridgeshire, or in Caldecote, Cambs (if you need some you time to escape!) Check our Amineh's beautiful work here: Appointment by agreement with Amineh. T's & C's apply.

£50 or more

0 of 6 claimed

Ticket To a Cooking Workshop for 6

Cambridgeshire / Norfolk based reward - Enjoy an evening cooking workshop our kitchen with our chef, James and enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards. James is a head chef and great fun - a fish specialist and a demon with knife skills and foodie tips - enjoy a night with friends and pick up some great tips at the same time! Workshop to be held in the beautiful village of Hemingford Grey, PE28 9DR

£50 or more

Mac Goodie Bag! ORDER BY 19.12.19 FOR XMAS!

A lovely goodie bag of MAC treats, including: - 1 X In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara in super black - 1 X Eye Kohl in Smoulder - 1 X 116S Blush Brush Beautifully wrapped for you to give as a gift! - Check them all out on the MAC website!

£55 or more

Tots Table Vouchers

Vouchers for a glorious box of Tots Table meals at a special introductory price! Each box contains up to 14 meals. We'll send you a beautiful voucher by email that you can print and gift as a Christmas pressie, for a new parent to redeem later, or simply buy for yourself for a New Year treat! Gift vouchers can be redeemed against any of Tots table's boxes, for babies of 6-12 months of age. No obligation to subscribe or buy further products

£55 or more

A Tots Table Box

Order a glorious box of Tots Table meals at a special introductory price! Each box contains up to 14 meals. Delivery March 2020. Before dispatch, we will liaise with you to see which box best meets your needs and get it to you by special courier delivery. No obligation to subscribe or buy further products

£300 or more

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Pamper! La Prairie Skin Caviar Absolute Filler 60m

Treat a Mum to a REAL Christmas luxury - La Prairie's much sought after Skin Caviar (retails at £473 La Prairie say about this special cream "Regain the fullness and contours of your skin's youthful appearance. This lavish cream helps give you back what time took away. It contains Caviar Absolute, the most regenerative and volume-inducing concentrate of caviar cells to date...

£300 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Cooking workshop for you & 5 friends with our Chef

Cambridgeshire / Norfolk based reward - Enjoy an evening cooking workshop in the kitchen with our chef, James and enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards. We can host, or you can! James is a head chef and great fun - a fish specialist and a demon with knife skills and foodie tips - enjoy a night with friends and pick up some great tips at the same time! Let's get a date in the diary!

£300 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Masterclass for 6 @ The Mindful Cooking Company

A 2 hour masterclass for 6 people at The Mindful Kitchen Company, Lodsworth, Chichester, including a simple lunch. In this masterclass, you will discover simple ways to eat better, live better and work better by putting food & mindfulness at the heart of life. Why not get away for a January retreat! Date to be arranged at your convenience

£500 or more

0 of 2 claimed

Bespoke Nutrition Workshop for your Business

Empower your staff to look after their bodies, feel better and ultimately perform better through this interactive nutrition workshop, provided by our expert dietitian, Vic. Vic will come to your workplace (London or Cheltenham) and deliver a 90 minute bespoke workshop to employees. Topics could include: Keeping Energised Throughout the Day, How to Achieve a Happy Gut, or Food & Mood. Dates, times & topic subject to agreement with Vicky

£40 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Hair Re-style with Troy at TLB Hair (CAMBS)

CAMBRIDGE REWARD: Treat a Mum to a well-deserved pick me up - a cut and blow dry, or simply a blow dry with Troy at TLB Hair - Troy has over 14 years experience in the industry, working at the highest level. Not only has he gained experience from working in the top salons and educating, he also has been seen backstage at various events such as London Fashion Week. Tues-Fri only by agreement with Troy, T's&C's apply.

£50 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Make-Over & Goodie Bag!

In the Cambridge area: Book in a New Year make-over with our fabulous make-up guru, Larissa - a Mac consultant, and all round good-egg! And a bag of make-up goodies to boot! A great pressie for an exhausted Mum! Can be provided in your home, or we can provide the venue so you can escape for a bit!

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