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by WilderMe in Kingsand, England, United Kingdom

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Wellbeing + activity retreats for adults with Autism that calm busy minds and help tribes thrive! #wilderme

by WilderMe in Kingsand, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we gain enough support and achieve above our Crowdfunder target, we intend to extend beyond the bare necessities needed to operate WilderMe, and go on to purchase a second shower, plants to bring nature inside, campfire cooking utensils, extra blankets and bedding – all items to create a more comfortable and tranquil of environment.

Autism Wellbeing Retreats. Power of Nature. Thriving Tribes. Empowerment.

WilderMe grew from our passion for the restorative power of nature and our determination to help tribes thrive. WilderMe is a social enterprise offering wellbeing & activity retreats to adults with autism which empowers guests by giving them the tools to re-connect with nature, themselves and their tribe resulting in long term social connections and inner resilience.

We’re the first autism-led holiday of its kind in the UK, possibly even the world, to offer this unique package to our guests and their tribes; glamping (luxury camping) in Eco Geo-Domes, immersive experiences in nature, creative arts and continual attention to developing inner wellbeing. We also offer a free wellbeing aftercare package to promote optimum prosperity, long after guests return home. We invite you to join our movement in revolutionising autism retreats to include wellbeing and tribal togetherness.

Zero Exclusion.

When not being used for our autism retreats we want to offer the Eco Geo-Domes to groups and corporate businesses to generate funds which will then go directly towards subsidising places for autistic adults or their families who would otherwise struggle to pay for their holiday due to being on a lower income. Our ambition for our autism retreats is that No-one. Is. Ever. Excluded.

“The Dynamics of the group changed, with individuals who were usually quiet speaking up more. Anxiety levels in certain individuals also dropped. While confidence seemed to grow in others."

Support Worker

WilderMe Pilot Retreat.

WilderMe saw great success with our pilot holiday, achieving instant positive effects on wellbeing, confidence, tribal togetherness and decreased anxiety. After 5 days holidaying together the group had not only learnt new skills and felt improved wellbeing but bonded to become a real tribe, working and supporting one another. 

“The trip was wonderful and it really helped the guys socialise and be more relaxed. It made a big difference to their anxieties."

Support Worker

“The residents seemed to bond more while on the trip. They interacted with one another and helped each other during activities"

Support Worker

Why are we asking for support?

With an Awards For All Big Lottery Fund we were lucky to secure seven Eco Geo-Domes; six will be used as accommodation for up to 12 guests and one will be a communal space for tribe dining / socialising and bad weather activity space. We’ve completed furnishing one Geo-Dome but (there’s always a ‘but’!) we now need to furnish and insulate the other 6!

 “I had a smashing time on holiday and would highly recommend this holiday project!"

WilderMe Guest

Each Geo-Dome requires; proper comfy beds for a good night’s sleep, bedding, privacy curtains, fire safety equipment, solar lighting and high quality, wool serge liner to insulate the domes. It’s important we create a tranquil environment that meets guests’ sensory needs. 

“A great time had by all, a real bonding experience and everyone who went has requested to go back as soon as possible!"

Support Worker

WilderMe is offering lots of exciting rewards in return for your support, but most importantly, by helping us grow our business, you are helping us to expand our sphere of influence: calming busy minds and building thriving tribes, thereby easing feelings of isolation and mental health problems experienced by autistic adults and the tribes they live in.

 “Overall, the holiday was extremely beneficial for the residents. The holiday gave them the opportunity to relax, bond, try new things and have fun. As a staff member, I felt supported by (WilderMe) staff. I would highly recommend this holiday any individuals with any mental health condition or disability.”

Support Worker


The WilderMe Solution.

No-one should have to feel overwhelmed by the modern world. By guiding and motivating guests to reconnect with nature, themselves and their tribes we will enable and empower them to continue this by passing on tools so they can achieve lifelong wellbeing and connectedness.

“The sense of camaraderie between my fellow holiday-goers and me was an excellent feature of the holiday too! We bonded as a group, and I now feel far more positive and determined about my future plans and prospects.”

WilderMe Guest

During the course of 5 days and over 8 creative, nature and adventurous activities we offer guests an innovative and immersive experience. WilderMe gives tribes a unique opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and recalibrate.

Wonderfully Wild Rewards.

Join the WilderMe Revolution. Please back us now. Pledge what you can, share our story and help us make a real difference to people living in care – by showing them that you care.

We have some wonderfully wild rewards, lovingly created to promote your wellbeing and put a smile on your face. We hope you find something that embraces your wild side.

If you want to meet the team and dig deeper into the WilderMe mission, please read on…


The WilderMe Team.

Meet the founders of WilderMe: Natalie and Geoff. 

Natalie: I worked in London as a Support Worker in Residential & Supported living homes for adults with autism and Asperger’s. I found my calling in life at last: caring. Having grown up in rural Norfolk I was no stranger to country life and decided to organise a camping trip for the home where I worked. Upon researching, I found there was little available for people with autism, less still for adults and nothing that included creative arts, so I created my own camping adventure complete with a creative arts itinery. Blown away by the breakthroughs in tribal togetherness, wellbeing and the overcoming of personal challenges, I was so inspired that I knew I had to expand upon this, and therefore WilderMe was born. I studied in Performing Arts prior to working with adults with autism and therefore hold firm the belief in the power of the arts for self-expression and wellbeing. My idols are Dawn French and Mr Bean.

Geoff: Whilst in London I was fortunate enough to find full time employment as a drummer, touring, recording albums and doing a session work but I always also enjoyed teaching and passing on my passion for music to the next generation. Since a very young boy I have been fascinated by nature, getting up at the crack of dawn to hear the dawn chorus, learning as many British bird calls as possible and keen to identify anything that didn't talk. My idols are John Bonham and David Attenborough.

Since deciding to move to Cornwall and embark on the journey of establishing WilderMe, we have completed several training courses, our favourite has been SHINRIN YOKU CPD PRACTITIONER TRAINING COURSE. We've developed our understanding of how showing compassionate attention to nature can enhance our wellbeing, whilst also helping to protect the planet at the same time, win win! We're constantly researching ways to find calm in the chaos of the modern world and sustain happiness so that we can pass on this knowledge within our retreats. It's been an exciting journey so far and we’re really looking forward to making waves with this project and a positive, lasting impact!

“The (WilderMe) staff were fantastic with the residents. As soon as we arrived we were all made to feel very welcome. By the end of the trip the residents said they were sad to leave and wanted to come back next year. They went above and beyond to support the residents”

Support Staff

Social Inclusion, Power of Nature & Thriving Tribes Mission.

Government funding is decreasing year on year, leaving those most vulnerable in our society neglected, often adults with additional needs feel this pinch the worst.

70% of autistic adults feel with more support they would feel less isolated

Bancroft et al (2012)

70% of People with autism are at risk of suffering from anxiety and severe anxiety

MIND (2019)

“The evidence relating to contact with nature and green exercise for the general population also suggests that activities in natural settings have therapeutic properties and that people with lower levels of wellbeing (e.g. lower self-esteem and mood), often experience greater benefits”

Pretty et al (2007) Barton and Pretty (2010)

WilderMe has adopted the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Using the research of over 400 scientists from across the world, The New Economics Foundation (Nef) identified five evidenced-based actions which if built into daily routines, would improve health and wellbeing (Nef, 2008):

1) Connect      2) Be Active     3) Take Notice     4) Keep Learning    5) Give

Having seen first-hand the overwhelmingly positive effects being in nature and participating in creative arts can have on a person and their tribe we know that there is so much unused potential going to waste from the opportunities a holiday brings. WilderMe was founded in an attempt to take full advantage of those opportunities by empowering guests with the tools needed to live a happier, connected life.

To discover even more about WilderMe please visit our website or please, just shout!

Peace, Love + Pasties,

Natalie & Geoff



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

1 of 42 claimed


Give someone with Autism the opportunity to experience WilderMe's Wellbeing & Activity Autism Retreats by subsidising their place! Buy as little or as many as like :) This will be used on Summer 2020 retreats. Thank you so, so much!

£10 or more


Rise and shine to a lively Dawn Chorus recorded in our local ancient woodland or to the sound of seagulls and waves lapping over the Minnudu Breaks, Kingsand with Two immersive 3D Audio MP3 Alarms. What a wonderfully wild way to start your day, hurray!

£10 or more

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Enjoy a 90-minute B.Y.O.B. (bring your own banjos or bring your own bonjos!) Campfire music session. Sing, dance, play along and warm your cockles by the warmth of our fire to celebrate the official WilderMe launch on Friday 2nd August from 6-8pm. Suitable for all ages.

£10 or more


Receive an official thank you from the WilderMe team direct to your door with a postcard designed by the one and only Alice Dufrie. This one of a kind creation showcases a wild selection of activities to choose from - explore Alice's map, all will become clear. (UK postage only)

£15 or more

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Snag yourself a ticket to WilderMe Wild COSMIC Party @Maker Heights' two-tier experience: lose yourself in immersive meditation featuring 3D audio from our meditation walks + sensual live modular synthesis to get you to a happy place. Then get down on the dance floor with the magical Jon Tye playing Afro/Cosmic Disco vs the house band!!! Fri 11 Oct '19 at Patchwork Studios, PL10 1LA. This is one shindig you don't wanna miss!

£15 or more


Rise + shine to a lively Dawn Chorus recorded in our local ancient woodland or to the sound of seagulls + waves lapping over the Minnudu Breaks, Kingsand with Two immersive 3D Audio MP3 Alarms. PLUS official thank you from the WilderMe team direct to your door with a postcard designed by the one + only Alice Dufrie. This one of a kind creation showcases a wild selection of activities to choose from - explore Alice's map. (UK postage only)

£20 or more


Two every month for an ENTIRE year our Geoff will embrace your inbox with 2 calmingly wonderful wild 3D immersive audio, walking meditations to watch/listen. Become one with the dawn chorus through ancient Penlee Woods + lapping waves over the pink Minhadu Breaks, so you can visit Forgotten Cornwall from wherever you wade, 24/7! Perfect for busy commuters or those deep in studies, here you can find calm amongst chaos + thrive in any environment

£50 or more


Soothe your soul with our Ultimate WilderMe Package, including; #An organic limited edition T-Shirt #Limited Edition WilderMe postcard #12 months of endorphin enhancing binaural walking meditations #An official thank you from the WilderMe team. ..Cripes! What a ruddy package. (UK postage only)

£50 or more

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Follow in the footsteps of the world's greatest raconteurs by recording your very own audiobook. A wonderful gift for a literary loved one, record from our studio or from the comfort of your home (if you live within the Rame Peninsula). The experience lasts one hour.

£60 or more

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Unleash your creative side by singing along with and recording, your favourite tune in a professional studio environment. An amazing one-hour experience for up to three people in our awesome Sunset Studio, the session even includes bubbles, (obvs) Maker Heights, Rame Peninsular, Cornwall PL10 1LA.

£65 or more

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Sponsor a tropical plant and pot, and create an oasis of tranquillity in our guests' Eco Geo-Dome spaces. We'll add a plaque with your name on it, so our lovely retreaters will know all about this lovely gesture, made by yours, truly.

£90 or more

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Make amazing memories with two nights of orchard-based bell tent glamping for two in the heart of Kingsand, The Forgotten Corner of Cornwall. Ooh and it's only two-minute walk to the pitcuresque beach - lovely stuff.

£130 or more

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Spend two nights of tranquillity with a B&B stay for two in a private room in Grade II Listed cottage in the heart of Kingsand, a mere two-minute walk from the picturesque bay (Superhosts on Airbnb).

£135 or more

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Enjoy two-nights of one-of-a-kind accommodation in our stunning Eco Geo-Domes with sea view for two (twin or king). Choose two nights between Friday 2nd to Monday 5th August 2019 or we have 2020 weekends from June & July available too, just let us know your preference.

£179 or more

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Enjoy two nights of one-of-a-kind accommodation in our stunning Eco Geo-Domes with sea view for two (twin or king), as well as half-day standup paddleboard hire. Choose two nights between Friday 16th to Monday 19th August 2019 or we have 2020 weekends from June to July available too, just let us know your preference.

£400 or more

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ENTIRE WilderMe site for you + your tribe, or donate to a charity of your choice! Your private nature paradise overlooking the sea.. 7 Beautiful Eco Geo-Domes; 6 sleep 12ppl (twin/king) + communal dome for tribe dining/socialising. PLUS 700sqft Sunset Studio as creative/workshop space. On site; music venue + The Canteen café, run by ex River Cottage Chef. 7min walk to picturesque villages Kingsand/Cawsand.Total cost is: £809 -20% off normal price

£600 or more

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Deposit on 2 nights EXCLUSIVE access to your very own private paradise overlooking the sea! ENTIRE WilderMe site; 7 Beautiful Eco Geo-Domes; 6 sleep up to 12ppl (twin/king) + 1 communal dome for tribe dining/socialising. PLUS 700sqft Sunset Studio creative/workshop space. On site; music venue + The Canteen café, run by ex River Cottage Chef. 7min walk to picturesque villages of Kingsand/Cawsand. Total cost £1,180 (includes 20% discount!)

£1,000 or more

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Sponsor an ENTIRE Dome to be fully furnished from the very top to the very bottom. Nothing could ever express our complete gratitude, but to say thank you, we'll include a wooden plaque inside dedicated to whomever you wish. And we'd love to add your name to our WilderMe website as an official sponsor, forever, if you don't mind, please. We'll also send you a pic of the Geo-Dome in all its shimmering glory along with dedicated updates on WilderMe

£1,500 or more

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WilderMe 2 night half board Corporate Retreat for 12 people. Help your team be more focused, creative and productive by managing stress/anxiety & building tribal togetherness. Geo-Dome Accommodation. Intro to Mindfulness, Shinrin-Yoku, Sing and playalong Campfire Music Session, Foraging and Beach BBQ, Wild Swimming, lovely breakfasts and our wild cream tea treat! This is a deposit for the retreat total of £3150 (includes 10% off)

£50 or more

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Since they began in 1992, Newport's Welsh rockers Feeder have sold over 5 million records. But, this framed vinyl album, is extra special as it's signed from them, especially for you. An exclusive offer you don't want to miss. We only have one of each of the albums below, so once it's gone, it's unfortunately, gone. (UK postage only)

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